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I was given the awesome opportunity to Illustrate the sequel novel to Kingdom Come, "On Earth, As it is" written by Jim Doran. Below is a brief description of his novel. 

"Although Harold Tray and Sondra Saturn fell in love in the fairytale realm of Kingdom, they never officially met. Sondra, while in a coma on earth, silently observed Harold's adventures in Kingdom as he reunited five long-lost sisters. The sisters, best known on earth as princesses, ascended to become queens while Harold returned home. And they all lived happily ever after---or did they?


Three years later while Harold and Sondra struggle to establish a lasting romance, a friend from Kingdom travels to earth to tell Harold that someone has abducted the realm's five queens. Harold assumes he will travel to the world of elves and dragons, but the messenger has a different idea---one in which earth itself will play a vital role.


In this whimsical fantasy tale, Harold, Sondra, and other characters set out on a new adventure spanning not only one, but two, worlds."

If you would like to dive further into the story and learn more about his books, visit Jim's website  

There you can purchase his book and find short stories centered around the novel. You will also find additional artwork as well. 

You can also follow Jim on Twitter @JDoran711

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