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I had the great honor and pleasure of working on the cover art for this novel "Kataklusmós" written by author T.M.Doran. This particular novel is the third installment to the "Toward the Gleam" series.

A brief synopsis of "Kataklusmós"...

Kataklusmós—a cataclysm, a deluge, a devastation.

A Trio of Stories Collide

"The trilogy of Toward the Gleam, The Lucifer Ego, and Kataklusmós is packed with mystery and mayhem, philosophy and physics, paleontology and archaeology, theology and psychology, historical personages of note, and travels to the past and to exotic places—all connected to a book that is the most valuable artifact in the history of the world. In Kataklusmós, characters from all three stories collide in the pursuit of answers that span time and space."

Stalked by Danger and Despair

"Two years after the forced separation of Oxford archaeologist Frodo Lyle Stuart and his “betrothed,” psychologist Beatrice Adams, a cataclysmic event takes Lyle and his brother, Sam, to Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and China in search of solutions to confounding questions. Stalked by danger and despair, Lyle finds his personal and professional worlds turned upside-down.

Did the events recorded in the ancient book really occur, and are those with connections to that world still shaping this planet’s history?"

Order the Paperback version HERE!

Order the Kindle version HERE!

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