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Deliver Us

I was given the awesome opportunity to Illustrate the third sequel novel to Kingdom Come, "Deliver Us" written by Jim Doran. Below is a brief description of his novel. 

"After Sondra and Harold Saturn bail the Little Match Girl and Alice of Wonderland out of jail on Earth, they learn the fairytale world of Kingdom is in peril. A trio of witches is killing and cursing the fairytale people, and the royals haven’t been able to stop them. But instead of heading directly to Kingdom, the Saturns are charged with traveling well beyond Kingdom’s borders to convince a sorceress of supreme power to aid them. Harold is excited to see this new area, while Sondra has a secret wish she wants the sorceress to grant.

Back in Kingdom, the witches continue to spread terror and put the queens’ loved ones at risk. Time is fleeting as the hags grow in power and malice. Even if Harold and Sondra succeed in their task, will help come in time?

In Deliver Us, the third book in the Kingdom Fantasy series, a progression of quests in exotic locales will bring together a small—but familiar—group to confront merciless opponents. Curses, powerful artifacts, transformations, murders, animated tattoos, and proper manners all combine toward a thrilling conclusion in which those who confront the evil must find a way to defeat the witches or lose their souls."

If you would like to dive further into the story and learn more about his books, visit Jim's website  

There you can purchase his book and find short stories centered around the novel. You will also find additional artwork as well. 

You can also follow Jim on Twitter @JDoran711

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