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Kingdom Come Revision 2 sml_edited.png

I was given the awesome opportunity to Illustrate this novel Kingdom Come, written by Jim Doran. Below is a brief description of his novel. 

"Seventeen-year-old Harold Tray is preparing for college when he is visited by an apparition one night. After she convinces him to accompany her to a faraway world, Harold finds himself in the middle of a prophecy in the fairy-tale land of Kingdom. Planet is a powerful pixie who proclaims Harold has been teleported to help her bring peace back to Kingdom. His assignment is to unite five maidens to overthrow the illegitimate king. Luckily for Harold, the five are fairy-tale princesses from familiar childhood stories. After partnering with Planet and other misfit companions, he journeys across Kingdom in search of the maidens. He finds them at the end of their stories, ready to continue their lives as queens. Unfortunately, their progress to the throne will not be easy. An ancient enemy is waiting for them, and he knows secrets about Harold’s past."

If you would like to dive further into the story and learn more about his book, visit Jim's website  

There you can purchase his book and find short stories centered around the novel. You will also find additional artwork as well. 

You can also follow Jim on Twitter @JDoran711

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