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Kingdom AscensionFINALsml.png

I had the awesome opportunity to make the cover art for the fifth book in James Doran's "Kingdom Come" series called "Kingdom's Ascension". The short stories in this book happen between the events in the first novel "Kingdom come" and the second novel "On Earth, As it is". Below is a brief description of the novel.

"Being a queen of a fairytale world isn’t a fairy tale. Just ask the sister queens who rule over the land of Kingdom.

  • Cinderella wants to marry her sweetheart—but will true love cost him his life?

  • Snow White desires to meet with her subjects though not all of them are admirers.

  • All the power in the world can’t save the life of the Little Match Girl’s friend—it also can’t ensure her friend remains dead.

  • For the Marsh King’s Daughter, courtship rituals must be strictly obeyed, often to her displeasure.

  • And the Girl Without Hands finds that even a ruler has limitations when she attempts to protect a young girl’s innocence.

Kingdom's Ascension offers these and other tales of a fairytale world where happy, sad, and all endings in-between are possible"

If you would like to dive further into the story and learn more about his book, visit Jim's website  

There you can purchase his other books and find short stories centered around the novel. You will also find additional artwork as well. 

You can also follow Jim on Twitter @JDoran711

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