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I was given the awesome opportunity to Illustrate the third sequel novel to Kingdom Come, "Deliver Us" written by Jim Doran. Below is a brief description of his novel. 

"Kingdom is a world filled with magic and monsters ruled equally by five fairytale queens. Sondra and Harold Saturn of Earth visit this fantasy land to help out their royal friends. On their latest arrival, they learn that a new king sits on the throne. This king has cast a spell on the queens and everyone in Kingdom to erase any memory of their rule or the queens’ husbands. To break the spell, the queens must kiss their true loves.

Easy? Hardly.

Cinderella hates her former husband for forgetting her when he tried her slipper on everyone else. The Little Match Girl, left to a cruel world, doesn’t trust anyone. Beauty only desires friendship from her beast-like companion, and the Marsh King’s Daughter’s husband is missing. And the eldest queen, Penta, never had a true love.

With a villainous king tracking them and a mage who can’t get her teleportation spell right, Harold and Sondra have their hands full pairing the queens with their husbands. And just when they think they have a plan for how to succeed in their quest, they find a new potential princess and must hide her from the king at all costs."

If you would like to dive further into the story and learn more about his books, visit Jim's website  

There you can purchase his book and find short stories centered around the novel. You will also find additional artwork as well. 

You can also follow Jim on Twitter @JDoran711

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